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The Process

You are about to change your experience with clothing and your wardrobe.

The initial appointment is where Alicia will come and assess what you have and guide you on where to build for the current season. The initial appointment will cover fit, proportion and your overall style profile. Does your wardrobe define you as you were instead of where you wish to be? If this is the case, Alicia can eliminate the pieces that are holding you back or taking up space for no other reason than to create more volume and create distractions rather than clarity. Having clear goals will produce the results you desire. Deciphering the difference between realistic and emotional in your wardrobe can be challenging for some.


Emotional is defined as, " I spent money on it, I should use it." 

Realistic is, " I plan on losing the weight and I'll get back into these clothes."

Both of the above are the wrong reasons to keep anything. We can use emotional and realistic reasons to keep things too. 


Emotional ~ " I feel so great in this outfit you created for me!"

Realistic ~ " That small alteration made such a big difference in the fit. Now I look forward to wearing this piece again."


Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 1.35.18 PM.PNG

After the Initial Appointment

After the Initial Appointment you will have an opportunity to consider how to continue an engagement with Alicia McCaslin Styles. There are a number of ways you can keep the love affair with your wardrobe progressing. Below you will find an incentivized model where you are able to work hourly, on a seasonal rotation, or in a bulk package of hours. There are advantages to each engagement option based on your needs and goals. 


Hourly - current rate is $175/hr. 

  • This is for the time we spend together and any additional time incurred after our in person meeting. For instance, if we meet for 2 hours in person there would be an hour of followup with links included to pieces I would suggest or I can create a Pinterest Board with links to what I think you should consider. 

Quarterly - current rate is $650 for 4 hours “use or lose” a quarter. If you go over the 4 hours, I will invoice for the balance of time at the rate of the existing Quarterly rate you are in. At any point you can convert your Quarterly to Yearly and receive the discounted Yearly rate for paying in full (it’s a percentage). 

  • This rate increases 9/1 but if you chose this your rate is locked while you are active and uninterrupted. 

Yearly or 16 hours - current rate is $2400 - you can move hours as you wish until your time is used up. Once your 16 hours have expired, you can opt to convert to Quarterly at the new existing Quarterly rate or keep your locked rate at the yearly rate moving forward. 

  • This rate increases 9/1 but will be locked against future rate increases unless you interrupt services.


All interrupted service will reactivate at the new current rate base on date of payment. 


Time is accrued in the following ways

  • In person meetings 

  • Virtual Meetings

  • Travel beyond 25 min

  • Sourcing - both online and in boutiques

  • Door drops - deliveries - alterations - and likeminded errands. 

  • Returns and Shipping 

  • Correspondence for sourcing and solutions - opinions on things the client would like responses to - I like to call these “PULL” items. If I contact the client that is “PUSH” which you will not be charged for. 

Outfit Creation by Alicia McCaslin

Our Clients

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