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Making the most of your time...

Let's Get Ready

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your life. We know your time is precious, therefore we want to help get prepared for our upcoming appointment.

If you are meeting by ZOOM, follow to this link please.  


Please consider taking the following actions to best prepare:


While you are preparing for our meeting please be thinking about what your goals for the next month regarding your style. What do you want to accomplish in the next four weeks with Tullebox? Let's talk about what causes you the most stress when thinking about clothing. I look forward to helping you discover the style.




What you can do...


1) Pull items from your closet that seem "tired" and we can decide their future

2) Pull all items from your closet you want to use to create outfits

3) Show us the shoes you feel are not just right - Too high, too tight, too rounded, too pointy, wrong season, or doesn't match your current lifestyle

4) Pull other accessories that we can use to help create complete outfits - Scarves, belts, bags,  


There's more!

5) Pull jewelry to finish outfits

6) Write down any events in your calendar that you need to dress for (e.g. Book Club, Dinner with Friends, Time with Family, Travel, Work events)

7) Write down any special occasions you need to dress (e.g. Showers, Wedding, Retirement, Graduation, Life Event)

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