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  • Alicia McCaslin

Reinventing Old Pieces with a Nod to New Trends

Continuing our focus on fall trends, I thought I would share some of the looks that I’m most excited about and hope to incorporate in my own wardrobe. Last week I talked about how having a great understanding of self is the key to style. My closet has a wide variety of items that I’ve accumulated over the past 30+ years. It holds a lot of inspiration, personal history and I do love most everything that I’ve kept. Purging occurs season to season, but very lightly. I strive to be very thoughtful about my purchases and the editing that does occur now is mainly focused on passing the age appropriate test.

Fashion week is all a twitter with what editors and bloggers are wearing in NY for this bi-annual event. This week I’m heading to the Coterie trade show after a hiatus of nearly 3 years. Although I will not be attending shows and my wardrobe will be more strategic in style than driven by style, autumn in New York City is always satisfying, regardless of the reasons that take you there.

I was looking for inspiration and came across an article about what “everyone” will be wearing to NYFW from the point of view of the insiders. Joanna Hillman is the style director at Harper’s Bazaar and I follow her on a semi-regular basis. According to Ms. Hillman there will be a lot of Luxe Bohemian at Fashion Week and included herself in this category. How delighted I was to find that we were in complete agreement over our love of this trend…but even more thrilled that I had kept some key items that would create a boho chic look without purchasing something new.

I have had two filmy silk maxi skirts in my collection for well over 15 years. They have not been “in style” for quite some time but my love for them is such that I can’t seem to part with them. Thankfully, I have an opportunity to embrace them in a relevant reinvention this season.

I can remember the day when I purchased this top as if it were yesterday. My 20th high school reunion was on the calendar. I was in need of something stylish and headed to my favorite boutique that always satisfied my love for fashion…Hysteria. This DVF was exactly what I had in mind…in fact I had seen it in the September issue in an ad and as only a stylist’s fairy tale can be told, it was hanging there alone on the rack in my size–obviously meant to be.

Boho chic this season is about mixing prints, maxi lengths, and filmy florals. Blending these two cherished pieces accomplishes more than just an outfit, it substantiates why I kept them all these years and celebrates them with a modern approach. Adding a wide belt grounded the two patterns and a jacket or sweater can still be added in the future–all pieces I have in my closet.

The only new purchase here are the Stuart Weitzman suede booties. After weighing the benefits these would have in my wardrobe, it was a logical choice for a fall shoe. I find the heel height perfect and easy to walk in.

When working with my clients I always try and uncover the gems that reside in their own closets with regard to new trends. Alone my pieces could feel dated or flat, but together they feel relevant to my favorite fall trend…Luxe Bohemian.

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