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Veronica Beard Evening with Alicia! Join me this Thursday in Georgetown!

Come alone or bring a friend. Come shop with me in the stunning Veronica Beard boutique on Wisconsin Avenue. It's a great time to try on silhouettes and get some application prompts on how to wear the new shapes of the season. The event starts at 5:30 and all you need to do is rsvp!

We're finally breaking past the 80 degree days with cooler nights! Time to get add just enough to make the most out of what you have. During events such as this I usually identify the items I feel have the most potential for making an impact on style through useful application.

During the last event I hosted, I had highlighted the leather jogger. I have yet to wear mine but that day is coming in the near future - I can feel it. This will be the third fall delivery for Veronica Beard with pieces that are designed for keeping you warm, cozy but still "chill". Below are the knits that I consider "UPGRADES" . Take a look at your sweaters and find a place to upgrade. It's possible you are keeping sweaters that you are not wearing. WHY? Because it is giving you a false sense of having something to wear when it's cold but those pieces may not be the ones you want to wear when the time comes.

Upgrade one sweater in your closet this season. Consider the color that will impact your wardrobe the most. I'm pretty sure this will be a place you'll find joy this winter.

"But how will a simple sweater impact my style - I'm not exactly feeling the energy here?"

This is the plight of many shoppers. They are drawn to the eye candy types of clothing but those are often the pieces that don't get the CPW you need to justify the expense. If you purchased rust pants already, I suggest a light blue sweater. If you have one, please take a good look at yours. The blue needs to be a silvery blue to pull off a subtle application against the rust pant. This light blue will act as a neutral in your wardrobe.

Jackets are as important to a wardrobe as a good coat. I've identified a few jackets in recent wardrobe audits that just aren't pulling their weight this season. My money is on any of the ones above.

  • Classic woman needs a Miller Dickey Jacket - the question is whether it's a plaid or solid or leather?

  • Fashion Forward? - you should consider either lace or a mixed media jacket

  • Jackets for Dresses and Skirts? - The cropped style is your play for diversity and application.

Next up dresses. Three dresses I think are worthy to include for the following reasons.

  • The black Davenport dress is a one-and-done dress. Easy to wear with booties or cowboy inspired boots. Also a dress that be worn now through June of 2022 when layered with a jacket or sweater.

  • Adding a print dress is also a good idea in order to give your other items a rest and let your solid blazers and sweaters jump in to create variation. This one comes in two color ways. I've shown the burn red version above in a midi style and a shorter style according to the proportion that works best for you.

Lastly, I'll cover pants and denim. We are all finally embracing styles other than skinnies (but there are still intentional places to use skinnies!). In my professional opinion, Veronica Beard does an incredible fit with pants. It might be time to cull the pant category in your own wardrobe and identify 5 great pants that you can use a number of ways.

  • High Waisted Denim - great for cropped sweaters and long torsos

  • Barrel Leg Denim - new shape that offers a fresh look for the tops from previous years.

  • Straight Leg Leather - the new shape in leather is another wardrobe upgrade that gives an energy to sweaters you've only worn with denim.

  • The Renzo Pant - if your work wardrobe requires professional attire, I highly recommend this pant. It is available in black and navy and can be paired with the Nevis blazer for a really fresh suiting look.

  • Long legs? Whether you have them or not, you an attain that long leg look with flares that are tailored to your height. Yes, you will more than likely need to get these hemmed but Veronica Beard designs theirs with attention to the math of the flare. Shortening will still give you the correct proportion for the look we want to achieve.

I hope to see you Thursday. I will be taking private appointments earlier in the day on Thursday if you cannot make it in the evening. Please just text me to secure a time between 10:30 and 4 PM. Make the most of your wardrobe this season by taking time to make intentional purchases. A little has the ability to go a long way. Buy Less - Choose Well!

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