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  • Alicia McCaslin

A Stylist's Regret and Redemption

I have been contemplating the oxford since spring and Christen’s (The Shoe Hive) love for them has most definitely swayed me. I readily admit that I have had pangs of regret not acting on the AGL rose gold oxford but I make it a practice to enjoy others’ well chosen selections and move on. There will always be another fabulous shoe opportunity.

Last week I spent nearly 12 hours in The Shoe Hive while hosting The Julia Farr trunk show and had small windows of time throughout the day to see all the new styles for fall. This little oxford caught my eye and I asked Elizabeth about it. Low and behold, it’s a new brand! Freda Salvador.

Time to do a little background check on what this Freda Salvador is all about. It’s always fascinating to take a look behind the brand and I am selfishly interested in how designers evolve as I feel my own path is leading to one day design for myself. Freda Salvador is the brainchild of Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo-Nelson, two women with strong design backgrounds that merged their talents with this stand-out footwear company that focuses on cutting edge style and “infinite walkability.” Turns out, Megan Papay studied costume design at UVA for all you Wahoos out there! Cristina was born into shoe royalty and then she went on to study at a very prestigious design school in Milan. Their careers took them both to San Francisco and now they collaborate in designing and “refining their art to deliver the style of shoes they would love to wear themselves.”

Check out the other styles that will be heading to The Shoe Hive soon. These women had me at the oxford and thankfully I will now have another opportunity to satisfy the one that got away.

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