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Initial Consultation

Are you wondering if a stylist will add value to your wardrobe? Book a 2 hour initial consult at an introductory rate. This is a great opportunity to get an assessment of your wardrobe, the challenges you face and my advice on how to reach your goals. 

This service is offered at your home but I'm also happy to set up a Facetime appointment as well. 

Contact me for availability and currant rates.

Closet Edit

If your closet seems to be full of things that offer no inspiration or feel repetitive, it may be time to shed light on what is hanging out in there that needs to go.


Schedule a closet edit before you buy anything else. Knowing what you have and having a plan on how to use it will make shopping less stressful and save you money. The pieces hanging in your closet that are not servicing you are distractions and take up real estate both in your closet and your head. Start fresh with what you love and what you use. 

Contact me for availability and currant rates.

Personal Shopping

After booking an initial consultation, you can opt to jump ahead into a personal shopping trip with Alicia. Once we determine your goals, we can establish a place where we'll find the most selection for your lifestyle. This appointment is usually 3 - 4 hours (and can sometimes be even longer). 

Based on what we have determined from your initial consult and removed from the closet edit, we'll have a comprehensive list in hand as we enter the Personal Shopping appointment. 

Contact me for availability and currant rates.

Outfit Creation

Having a closet full of clothing is one thing. Knowing how to put it together in a variety of ways is something completely foreign for many. 

Schedule one of my popular services after either an Initial Consult or a Closet Edit. Outfit creation takes having all the right pieces in place and is offered as a "graduate service". It's worth the wait though. Imagine having 20 - 30 outfits at your fingertips. The amount of time you'll save getting ready will be so satisfying you'll wonder why you waited so long to introduce styling solutions. Efficiency is the secret to success.

Contact me for availability and currant rates.

Event Styling

Whether you have a big presentation, a wedding, or need a dress for a black tie event, finding dresses and outfits can be daunting. Bringing in a professional who knows the terrain can save you a lot of time and frustration. 

The list of variables is long

  • where to find event dresses

  • various fits from various designers

  • the finishing accessories

  • hair and makeup

  • jewelry

Knowing how to outsource to professionals who have the answers will save you money.

Contact me for availability and currant rates.


Going on a trip? Don't let the packing stress you out. Even booking an hour or two will help you get organized and ensure your check list is covered. Packing is an exercise in creating an efficient wardrobe. Everything you bring should have a designated purpose. Closets may have been built for possibilities but suitcases were made for efficiency. Learn how to make the most out of very little. My process won't sacrifice style but will give you all the pieces you need for a wonderful trip.

Contact me for availability and currant rates.